Transformative Consumer Research is a movement within the Association for Consumer Research community that seeks to encourage, support, and publicize research that benefits consumer welfare and quality of life for all beings affected by consumption across the world.

We have a number of subcommittees that help us todisseminateand connect our research to practitioners,fosters partnershipsbetween academia, industry partner and policy makers, and create bridges betweenfunding opportunities, funders and TCR researchers.

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May 05, 2021

TCR's Special Issue in JPP&M Now Available

The lastest TCR Special Issue is now available in thecurrent issueof the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.

Volume 40, Issue 2.

Check out the editorial by Martin Mende & Maura L. Scott, "May the Force Be with You: Expanding the Scope for Marketing Research as a Force for Good in a Sustainable World"

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August 14, 2020

Thomas C. Kinnear Award 2020 Winner

TheJournal of Public Policy & Marketing(JPP&M) awarded the 2020 Thomas C. Kinnear Award to “浪费序列:了解食物浪费Each Stage of the Consumer Decision-Making Process”出现在2016年9月发行(卷。35, No. 2) ofJPP&M.The article was authored by a team that included Lauren G. Block, Punam A. Keller, Beth Vallen, Sara Williamson, Mia M. Birau, Amir Grinstein, Kelly L. Haws, Monica C. LaBarge, Cait Lamberton, Elizabeth S. Moore, Emily M. Moscato, Rebecca Walker Reczek, and Andrea Heintz Tangari.

The Thomas C. Kinnear award represents the article that made the most significant impact and contribution to the understanding of marketing and public policy issues within a three year time period.

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Whether its engagements with practitioners, conferences or announcements of special issues, we keep you up-to-date on things you should mark in your calendar.

ACR-TCR 2021 Grants: Now open for submissions!

For 2021, TCR will again sponsor a two-tier research project-funding framework.
• Tier 1 funding generally retains the process we used in the past.
• Tier 2 funding aims to support high-potential projects that were already vetted through initial inquiry and are seeking to expand on insights already gained.

Deadline: June 1, 2021

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Special Issue Call for Papers: Influencer Marketing: Interdisciplinary and Socio-Cultural Perspectives


SI Editors:Lauren Gurrier, Jenna Drenten, and Crystal Abidin

Submission window:until Sept 1, 2021

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Special Issue Call for Papers: Racism and Discrimination in the Marketplace


SI Editors:Jerome D. Williams, Samanthan N. Cross, Stephanie Dellande

Submission window:until Oct 1, 2021 (with option to submit to a boutique conference - deadline March 1st, 2021)

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Special Issue Call for Papers: Communication in Global Crises: Critical Discourses on Consumption, Culture, Power, and Resistance


SI Editors:Arindam Das, Lee Edwards, and Himadri Roy Chaudhuri

Submission Deadline:October 1, 2021

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Special Issue Call for Papers: Mitigation in Marketing


SI Editors: Current co-editors and associate editors of JMR, plus guest associate editors

Submission Deadline:January 15, 2022

Special Issue Planned Date:2023

The Journal of Marketing Research Special Issue editorial team welcomes all approaches to examining relevant issues, including behavioral, empirical, analytical, and strategy-based perspectives onmitigation in marketing (MiM).

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Special Issue Call for Papers: Climate Change - Consumer Understanding, Response, and Interventions


SI Editors:Karen Page Winterich, Rebecca Walker Reczek, Bryan Bollinger

Submission window:February 1- April 1, 2022

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Operationalizing Critical Race Theory in the Marketplace

Sonja Martin Poole
Sonya A. Grier
Kevin D. Thomas
Francesca Sobande

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Collaborative Art: A Transformational Force within Communities

Melissa G. Bublitz
Tracy Rank-Christman
Luca Cian
Xavier Cortada
Adriana Madzharov
Vanessa M. Patrick
Laura A. Perracchio
Maura L. Scott
Aparna Sundar
Ngoc (Rita) To
Claudia Townsend

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Materialism: the good, the bad, and the ugly

L. J. Shrum
Tina M. Lowrey
Mario Pandelaere
Ayalla A. Ruvio
Elodie Gentina
Pia Furchheim
Maud Herbert
Liselot Hudders
Inge Lens
Naomi Mandel
Agnes Nairn
Adriana Samper
Isabella Soscia
Laurel Steinfield

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From Nutrients to Nurturance: A Conceptual Introduction to Food Well-Being

Lauren G. Block
Sonya A. Grier
Terry L. Childers
Brennan. Davis
Jane E. J. Ebert
Shiriki Kumanyika
Russell N. Laczniak
Jane E. Machin
Carol M. Motley
Laura Peracchio
Simone Pettigrew
Maura Scott
Mirjam N. G. van Ginkel Bieshaar

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Consumer wisdom: a theoretical framework of five integrated facets

Michael Gerhard Luchs
David Glen Mick

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The end (s) of marketing and the neglect of moral responsibility by the American Marketing Association

David Glen Mick

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